Planting Grass from the Spring – Learn More about Its Uses

Planting grass seed in the spring is a great time to begin your new lawn So that it is green and nice to your summer pool parties and BBQ’s. Planting in the spring provides your bud lots of time to fill-in and totally set itself so that by the time early to mid summer comes around; your yard is dense, green, and ready for traffic. You also need your grass to be fully established before the autumn and winter months, therefore planting grass in the spring will provide you the most amount of growing time for complete institution.

grass plants

If you are planting grass seed in the spring, you will probably be planting a warm-season bud like Bermuda, St. Augustine, or zoysia. Cool-season grasses can be established in the spring period also, but only if doing this in one of the northern countries or in higher elevations where temperatures are much cooler. With that said, planting cool-season grasses in the spring is not recommended and you are better off waiting until the late summer or early autumn. Cool-season grasses planted in the spring need to compete with summer weeds and do not establish too.

So assuming that you are using a warm-season, begin planting grass seed when night-time temperatures remain consistently above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Cool nights and sexy, warm days are perfect growing conditions for warm-season blossoms and early to mid spring provides just that. Before planting, ensure you properly prepare the soil surface. Incorporate organic soil amendments and grass fertilizer, which might be required, using a root-till.

You may determine your soil nutrient requirements by taking a great soil sample and having it examined by the regional University Cooperative Extension Office. They need to be able to adequately interpret the results and provide you a great recommendation. You then need to level seed bed to desired shape and water it thoroughly to settle soil and show low spots. Fill in low areas and rake soil to create modest grooves. You are now prepared for grass plants seed. During this whole process, do not forget to pull any weeds or other debris that comes up.

Employ your grass seed and then gently rake in to ensure good contact using the seed bed. To ensure even greater seed to soil contact, apply a thin layer of moist peat moss or compost and lightly roll soil. Keep grass seed bed dark with moisture, without creating puddles, until grass seed germinates. Maintain water on grass just enough to keep the soil moist so great growth persists. Mow for the first time with sharp mower blades when grass blades are approximately two to three inches high. There you go if done correctly, you are going to have a Gorgeous, dark Green lawn which will be the envy of the neighbourhood.