wsh coordinator in singapore

What is the role of WSH coordinator?

The role of workplace safety and health coordinator is to check for the safety and identify the non-compliance. They have to observe the daily work practices and get reviews and feedbacks from the employees. These works makes them to evaluate the risks and hazards associated with the workplace. After evaluation they proceed to take the evaluation measures. As the work needs to work with exterior and interior hazardous places, the coordinator needs to be fit. Thus WSH coordinator has the following roles and responsibilities. Let us get through those to understand in brief.

  • Evaluate the specific instances that compliance of unsafe work practice and provide counsel for the same.
  • In case of potential incidents and accidents, they need to alert the emergency team.
  • Initiate to carry out WSH service to support the company and employees.wsh coordinator in singapore
  • Collect information regarding WSH conditions and performance.
  • Make emergency decision in necessity.
  • Routine check of the safety work activities.
  • Provide suggestion to ease reoccurrence of accidents.
  • Explain the WSH requirements that include specific work process.
  • Follow the WSH procedures without fail.
  • Monitor all the safety measures of work compliances.
  • Respond properly to al the incidents that occur inside the company.

These are few of the roles performed by the wsh coordinator in singapore. They are the supportive pillar of a company safety measure handler. They being in a company safety and health protector, need to perform the role of policy development, accident investigation, safety training, safety inspection and documentation of daily inspection.