Beginning to Wear Contact Lenses and Getting the Proper Advice

It is not unusual for a contact lens wearer to have little experience of wearing standard eyeglasses, other than as a backup for the times that contact lenses cannot be worn. Contact lenses should not be worn if the eyes are suffering a disease of this type. The remainder of the time, glasses are stored in a situation in a drawer and seldom used. Contact lenses provide the wearer with anonymity where their eye health is concerned. Glasses instantly recognize a person as somebody who’s short sighted or long sighted, whereas contact lenses leave somebody indistinguishable from anyone else with perfect eyesight and it is practically impossible to tell whether lenses are worn without close scrutiny.

It is hardly surprising then, that contact lenses hong kong are the most popular choice when it comes to vision assistance. Just as you’d take the help of an optician when picking frames, it is equally sensible to seek advice from an expert to make sure the lenses that you order are ideal for the shape of your eye and that you wear the sort of lenses that are compatible with the amount of liquidity on your eyes.


Begin with a Professional eye test and take some time to speak with your eye test care practitioner about the sort of lenses which are ideal for you. Do not insist on ordering lenses which are the wrong color for you or that remain in the eyes too long. Listen to the advice you are given. Newcomers to contact lenses have a tendency to vary in their response to the lenses: some use the lenses from day one with no issue but others experience a little bit of aggravation and need to go back to their eye care practitioner for information. If you experience eye irritation, do not delay and come back to the optician straight away.

Once you have worn Contact lenses with no problem for a number of weeks, you will have the ability to buy your lenses on the internet and take advantage of the savings available via online optical sockets. Remember, however, that glasses are always needed as a back up and your eyeglasses should be upgraded with regard to the strength of your contact lens prescription to make sure your eyes are not strained. Always follow the Advice of your eye care practitioner concerning the cleaning and care of your contact lenses and always ensure your hands are pristine clean before handling your lenses.