mobile payment

Mobile Payments advantages and disadvantages

The mobile word is at its peak, never before had it been given so much importance and so many nouns had been associated with it. If there was an online Marketing, now there is a Mobile Marketing, if there was the traditional web now does the mobile web and of course if there is electronic commerce also has its corresponding adjective mobile next to it.

The market of the applications associated with this type of devices is in a permanent boom and applications can be found for practically every aspect of the daily life of any person: leisure applications, personal organization, reading, press, banking, stock exchange … and it was just a matter of time before someone or several people started up applications that allow users to make mobile payment and collections from their smart terminals.

mobile payment

Positive data:

The technological advances of new and future smart terminals will be of great help to the global implementation of mobile phone payment, including advances in biometrics, which will increase the security of this type of payments by associating the fingerprint of the user to the security of your account, for example. There are rumors that Apple is already working on it.

The terminals and their operating systems already have integrated applications such as Passbook in the new ions, Google Wallet or NFC technologies (near field communications) that are designed to enhance this type of payment systems. The creators of new mobile payment systems are already investigating how to integrate their technologies with that of the Cupertino giant and other large developers.